the use scope of industrial spray nozzle

Industrial spray nozzles are mainly used in the process of pre-processing , environmental protection , circuit board , iron and steel, power electronics , paper , textile , food , vehicles , power plants , pharmaceutical , beverage , food , brewing , chemical , garden , agriculture and so on
flat fan spray nozzle : spray cleaning , cooling and quenching, low pressure cleaning , washing, fire fighting control of drug spraying , high pressure cleaning , fire , roller or squeegee lubrication
full cone spray nozzle:
Generally used in the phosphating of metal parts , printed circuit board chemical cleaning , cleaning products , quenching , cooling , high pressure washing , roller cleaning
square spray nozzle :Generally used in cleaning, cooling , spraying, spraying materials ,dust control
Genaral spray nozzle: The printed circuit board production , washing and bleaching cream, dust, quenching and cooling , gas scrubbing , deoxidation, defoaming ventilation ..

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