• 5 tips air&wateratomizing nozzle
  • 5 tips air&wateratomizing nozzle
  • 5 tips air&wateratomizing nozzle
5 tips air&wateratomizing nozzle
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5 tips air&wateratomizing nozzle

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Features of 5 tips air &water atomizing nozzle: The nozzle is consist of fivetips or four tips which distributed on different sides. Also offers a variety of ways fan spray nozzle, full cone, hollow cone, to meet the needs of different environments spray jet.
The special design of the internal structure of the air atomizing nozzle enables uniform mixing of liquid and gas.
Liquid flow can be adjusted, without changing the air pressure and the liquid pressure of the environment, it can also produce desirable spray. Each spray device by the air cap and fluid cap, with the ability to provide two kinds of fan and round spray pattern.
Nozzles produce a fine spray of droplets, excellent humidification alibity
Interchangeable nozzle assembly, easy disassembly.
General Application: evaporative cooling flue gases, air humidification, chemical processing, chemical spray, liquid spray, cooling components, wetting rust, tobacco humidification, tablet coating, sterilization, spray wax fruit, glazed tiles.
Materials: Stainless steel (SS304,303,316,316L), aluminum (AL) brass (BRASS), plastic (PVC, ABS, FUD) and other materials

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