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48) Eternal spray nozzle provide you full range of Water filter nozzle with long, middle ,short handle, tower sand filter, disco water filter,
250kg/h-DN15(1/2");500kg/h-DNDN25(1"); 1000kg/h-DN32(1-1/4")


All spec of water filter cap suit for matched Ion-exchange column , activated carbon filters, drainage systems can also be used for rapid sand filter

Water Filter nozzle is part of water distribution system at the bottom of filter pool, it can effectively wash out filter for sludge in debris, and keep filtering tank water running,

Long, short handle ,Plum-shaped ,tower and cylinder shape are ready, made in ABS material, Reasonable structure, connected firmly , high compressive strength, gaps are not aberrations, can make no backwater district between the filter plate, not sludge deposit in, effect,

Water flow rate is 0.25T, 0.5T, 1T

Water filter nozzle with long handle is used in Backwash water distribution system filter pool ,

Water filter nozzle with shot handle is used in single Backwash water and gravity, pressure filtration water treatment equipment, such as tanks and ion-exchange filter bed filtration

Filter nozzle and cap are used in water filter of life water,nature water which can remove the COD, pigment, stink toxic materials

Material: :ABS、nylon、SS304、316L。

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